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I have two words for you: Bettie Serveert. Indeed, I’d only recently looked up that group which was one of my fave bands of the 90s and found that they were still making music. So when I put in The Stalking Horses CD I thought that maybe for some reason I’d accidentally gotten a Bettie Serveert album mixed up with it. Sarah Pinsker reminds me so much of Carol Van Dijk, of course minus the Dutch inflections.

However, when the second song “Push On” kicks in, its clear that there are other musical ideas afoot. I definitely do hear the damaged post-punk reference to Afghan Whigs in the music, though the everything isn’t as over the top as Greg Dulli and company can get. The underlying music is more rootsy than punk. I have to confess I’m not such a big fan of “roots-rock in the heartland” type music, however indie it is… in fact if it weren’t for the Bettie resemblance this might have been a CD I’d have passed on. However, listening to the CD a couple times the whole thing started to grow on me.

They have other songs like “Still Be Here” that are a bit more varied and mellow, almost alt-country like if that phrase still means anything nowadays. A bit of an Americana-rock feel to other tracks. For some reason I also hear the echoes of a 90s band called Madder Rose. This is another worthwhile release from The Beechfields label.

Baltimore Gay Life

The Stalking Horses

Stalking Horses bandleader Sarah Pinsker is a seasoned veteran of the local songwriter scene, and her band keeps threatening to break the bridle and run wild any old day now. Until then we have their EP to put in our feedbags and chew on. Pinsker is heir to the vocal throne of Concrete Blonde's Johnette Napolitano, and that's clear even before you get to their strong cover of Napolitano's song "Probably Will." With its driving beat and hooky guitar, "Everything Bounces" is one of the more easily memorable local rock songs you're likely to find, and alone is well worth the price of the CD.

Windy City Times

It should come as no surprise that CHARMED (disappear records) by Sarah Pinsker is a great record. First of all it was produced by SONiA (Rutstein), and features her distinctive vocals on more than half of the album's tracks, as well as her other musical talents on several tracks. More importantly, Pinsker's debut disc is on SONiA's own label, and we know that SONiA can be trusted to give us nothing but the best. Sarah Pinsker certainly qualifies. Part Catie Curtis (read East Coast queer folkie), part Sarah Dougher (read Pacific Northwest queer riot grrl), Pinsker's original songs are catchy and hummable. They will lift your spirits (as in the case of 'Sweet & Strange,' 'Baggage') and then set your spirit free ('Kirkwood I Think,' Reinventing the Wheel,' 'C#m'). Like DiFranco, Pinsker also covers Phil Ochs. Her version of Ochs's 'Cross My Heart' is awe-inspiring. Prepare to be charmed by Sarah Pinsker.

Music Monthly

[This is Your Signal]
The cover art is incredible, and the cool thing is that the music is just as great as the cover art. Impeccably produced and mastered - this is one disc you have to hear."