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My Writing Year 2013

Well, I just wrote and lost a much more articulate version of this post. The gods of the internet colluded to teach me a lesson in humility. Second version is more condensed. 

The sum of it was: This was a phenomenal, bust-em'-up, banner year for me. My two year musical writing block came to an end. I wrote the songs that will complete my fourth album. I've even put down scratch tracks. They exist outside my head. 

My writing year was even better. I made my third through ninth professional-rate story sales. I sold my first reprints, first podcasts, first stories to print magazines and print anthologies. I sold stories to magazines I've been reading my whole life.

Part of my success this year is effort: I wrote when I wanted to watch television, when I wanted to hang out. Every day. I ignored rejections, I aimed for deadlines, I used contests and challenges and critique deadlines for inspiration and motivation. I can honestly say that I worked harder and more consistently on this than I have on any other creative endeavor in my entire life.

I know that I'm lucky to have the time and energy to set aside for writing every day.  I also have the good fortune to be writing stories that editors want to read. That's a changeable thing, but this year it worked for me. 

2013 by the numbers:

Submissions outstanding as of Dec. 26, 2013: 7 (4 reprints, 3 original)
Total submissions 2013: 69 (reprints & originals) to 43 markets
Acceptances: 12 (1 reprint/podcast, 11 original) to 11 markets
Pro-rates: 7
Sales to: Asimov's, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fireside, Lightspeed, the Long Hidden anthology, among others.
print magazine:3
print anthology:3
1 sale on 10th submission of the story, 1 sale on 9th submission, 2 on 5th, and the rest on 1st or 2nd submission. 

Average: sale on 4th submission

Mode: sale on 1st submission 

Stories completed in 2013: 12
Stories written in 2013/sold in 2013: 8
Stories written earlier, revised and sold in 2013: 3
Stories awaiting rewrite: 4
Stories started but unfinished:4
Reprints published: 1
Stories that appeared for the first time this year regardless of date of sale: 4
Stories podcast: 2
Novels written: .5
Rewrites requested: 1 (still need to finish this)
Readings: 4 (Balticon, Readercon, Philcon, Darkover)

2012 for comparison
Total stories written: 7
Total submissions (includes reprints):61
Total acceptances (includes reprints):5
Total original stories published:4 (one appeared in 2013)
Total reprints published:0

2014 (based on existing acceptances)
Total original stories sold for 2014 publication:8

So that was my outstanding year. Tell me about your writing year or your writing goals here or on Twitter!


That's wonderful, Sarah! Your star will continue to rise. You inspire me to work a lot harder.
Way to go! You are an inspiration to anyone who has a dream, but doesn't know the steps to take to make it come true.
What an incredible year -- best of luck on the year to come!
Congratulations on a good year! Here's to continued success!

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